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If your organization is like most, you have a diverse mix of devices—desktops, laptops, servers, point-of sale devices and more—connecting to your corporate network. And only a handful of these devices run on the same platform. In fact, it’s commonplace for organizations to have roughly half-dozen point solutions to perform different tasks on different devices—like patching, asset discovery and inventory, OS deployment and software deployment.

MBU Cognition powered by IBM BigFix Lifecycle can help.  BigFix Lifecycle helps you reduce management complexity and costs by automating patching, remote software deployments, operating system migrations, and re-imaging. You can also manage power settings and reduce energy costs while avoiding system disruptions. Our single-console, single-agent, single-server approach helps reduce the time, cost, risk and effort of managing virtually any mix of endpoints— whether they’re employee-owned, corporate-owned, or shared devices, and regardless of operating system.

  • Query & CSO Dashboard
  • Patch Management
  • Asset Discovery
  • SW Distribution
  • Advance Patching
  • Remote Control
  • OS Deployment
  • Power Management
  • Sequenced Task Automation

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