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Penetration Testing

Test the Latest Techniques Against Your Cybersecurity

Using our Penetration testing services, organizations can find vulnerabilies in a their IT environments.

  • Web-Application Security: Use IntelliGO Networks Ethical Hacking team to uncover vulnerabilities in your customer web applications. Using the Open Web Application Security Projects top threats we discover many issues such as SQL injection, Scripting attacks and other logic based attacks tools can't find by themselves.

  • Black-Box Remote Penetration Test: Provide us the IP space and we'll get to work enumerate and exploiting services as if we were an external attacker. Use this service to outline exposure to information gathering and remote service exploits and see if an attacker can bypass perimeter measures to get at your systems and data.

  • Control Framework Adoption: See how ISO27001, PCI DSS 3 or other standards would rate your internal infrastructure. While not an official audit, this service can prepare customers by adhering to best practises.

  • Open Source Security Testing Methodology: Using this method our Ethical Hacking team will evaluate your exposure to attackers with the current release of exploit kits. This shows exposure to known, published vulnerabilities and is a good step to ensuring an attacker would have to try harder to exploit your systems.

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