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Policy Creation & Analysis

Create or Improve Company Security Policy 

To ensure all members of your organization are as focused on CyberSecurity as you are training and policies must be in place to guide them. With our experience in sensitive document and system handling procedures we can offer Policy Review or introduce Policies and Training. Customers benefit from doing this periodically to keep up with trends such as BYOD or the increasing mobility, cloud and networking landscape. Odds are if you haven't refreshed your policies this year there are significant gaps in your organization understanding how to deal with new things at their disposal.

  • Security Awareness Training: We can setup Training Materials and Tests to ensure users are following the appropriate guidelines as part of thier day to day work.

  • Acceptable Usage Policies: Internet, Cloud, Mobile, Information Handling IntelliGO Networks can show you where to start and how to cover you bases.

  • Information Handling Practises: Documentation on the creation, storage and modification of sensitive information can have implications on compliance and potential legal ramifications if done incorrectly. Our team can guide you through processes used to ensure safeguards for sensitive information.

  • Data Loss Prevention/Data Classification: IntelliGO Networks has worked on many Data Loss Prevention projects, with our team driving workshops with your business units we can discover sensitive process and align policies both paper and within DLP tools to secure information at Rest, In Motion and during execution.

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