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Technology Gap Analysis

Measure the Maturity of Your Security Tools

Most of our customers adopt great technology, but because of competing priorities and an inability to constantly invest in applying new features some improvements can be applied to keep them more secure. This service allows us to optimize technology on your premise that we are experts in. We'll measure the capability for your tools to prevent threats, operate with high performance and ensure the configuration is providing the value you need.

  • Next Generation Firewall Audit: Optimize Rules, Profiles, SSL-Inspection and Alerts/Reports to optimze your investment in NGFWs. Most customers benefit from applying new features and learning how to operate these tools on a daily basis to prevent threats.

  • SIEM Optimization: Collecting logs is one thing but what types of threats does your SIEM find? With this service our engineers will go over rules, collection, reports and alerts to demonstrate ideal response processes to gain actionable threat intelligence. Customers enjoy the benefit of finding issues with these tools and spending less time managing data.

  • Identity and Access Management: With our team to augment your deployment fo IAM we deliver a strong, repeatable process for brining new applications into IAM systems. Use this service if you are deploying or need to understand the ideal workflow for existing IAM installations.

  • Networking/Network Access Control: Customers use this service to operationalize Network Access Control and harden thier networks without distrupting user connectivity. Our experts can guide you through the ideal configuration scenario for 802.1X and hardening of Wireless or VPN access to ensure secure connectivity.

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